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Subject:Re: Printing Problem problem AGAIN Win 10 - Paradox 9
Date:Fri, 19 Apr 2019 19:27:05 +0100
From:John Wright <>
Thanks Steven,
I will have to investigate further then and see what I can find.


On 18/04/2019 14:24, Steven Green wrote:
> my discovery wasn't the "one note" installation, but I recall it being 
> suggested
> I found that calc'd text fields in the report headers caused GP aborts.. 
> I fixed that by making a "shell" table to use in report headers, feeding 
> it the necessary calc and/or text, and putting its' fields in the header
> -- 
> Steven Green
> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
> Collectibles and Memorabilia
> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
> - and Paradox support, too
> "John Wright"  wrote in message
> Earlier on this year and after a Win 10 Update from Microsoft Paradox 9
> would not print but closed PD down. I think it might have been Steven
> Green who eventually found that an update to ONE NOTE was the the
> problem and if that Program was unistalled PD 9 printed reportys etc.
> fine onnce more. This I found was the answer. HOWEVER, I noticed that a
> more recent update from Microsoft had reinstalled ONE NOTE and promptly
> unistalled it. However, now it seems there is something else influencing
> Report Printing as once more trying to print some labels it again
> refuses shuts down PDox 9. On another WIN 10 machine the same script
> causes a GPV.
> Any ideas please?

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