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Subject:Re: OT : Windows Installer Software
Date:Sun, 4 Aug 2019 11:27:41 +1000
From:Leslie <"ViaThe List">
Hi Tom,

If your needs are very very simple then you could use Wix.
But I started with Installshield and then went Installshield Express 
since the beginning of time. But I have always paid for it - Tax 
Deduction anyone.

Something to potentially be concerned about is that there is a new 
standard on the horizon. But that is for future Tom to deal with :)


On 3/08/2019 6:43 PM, Tom Krieg wrote:
> I realise that there's not many here who use software to build install
> files, but one or two of you may be able to assist. I need an installer
> package that will let me build Windows (MSI or .EXE) setup files for my
> Visual Studio .NET software (I told you it was OT). InstallShield for
> Visual Studio (free version) is not free for Visual Studio Community
> Edition. I've used Inno extensively for creating an EXE for a Paradox
> application install but I last used it in 2002. Is there something (open
> source, free or not as costly as Installshield) that anyone is using?
> I'm having a look at a product called Advanced Installer and they have a
> free version that does everything I want it to, apparently. Anyone heard
> of it?

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