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Subject:Re: Am I missing something?
Date:11 Jun 2020 22:16:05 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

I cannot agree or disagree (or both) with both posts above.

So the problems people are having "MAY" be because the BDE is ageing and
isn't really compatible with Win10. Paradox keeps working as long as it's
not stressed by the BDE.

My current issues really seem GUI related. All the functions seem to work
outside forms. But I understand what you are saying.

Right now I have a form that has no problems in Windows 7, no problems (as
of now) on Win10 test machine, has problems on new Win10 PC.

The form has a lot of objects, a notebook that has a bunch of items that
update on arrival.
A button call a form in wait, the for is a basic data entry grid, all LocalSQL.

On new win10 machine, push button, form opens, do nothing, close form, falling
back to original calling form.
Focus arrive on calling form. Do nothing. Wait 5 seconds and Paradox winks

This does not happen on new Win10 machine and now not happening on DEV Win10
machine, only on new Win10 Machine.

I am chasing ghosts, but it has never worked on new Win10 machine. Same BDE
settings. Local Share seems to have no affect. (These are all single user
native Paradox tables, anyway.)

Are there differences between my two Win10 machines. Sure, millions, but
the Paradox is same version, settings, etc.
BDE version latest or second latest does not seem to matter.
Drive mapping are different, but using aliases. Both win7 and win 10 machines
have SSDs so that can't be it.

Must be something different, but is really odd that it winks out after looking
OK for a few seconds.

Sort of like the set Printer bug, sen it many times but also had machines
from win95 up never had issue with it.

I must admit this one has me stumped.

Unfortunately the more we test the more random issues we find.
Form works fine, moving from tab to tab, then about 2 minutes into it, it
hangs, spins. Oddly sometimes throws a filter or tcursor not open error,
table not found, but the table is there.

I will recompile all of it, but I doubt that is it, since forms I recompile
still show this.

Mark Bannister <> wrote:
>I'm switching to postgresql for that fear as well but I think so much is
>about data structures and programing styles.  Pdox has always been
>quirky and it's only getting worse of course.  My application works fine
>(does have 1-2 problem forms that users have to work around that I
>haven't bothered to fix).  Its behavior is VERY dependent on the
>computer system.  I have computers that never have and issue and some
>that constantly have issues.  All are newer win 10 machines Pdox 11.
>This has always been the case for me though since moving from Win XP.
>Some of the issues may be work flow as well on my application.
>On 6/11/2020 4:12 AM, Tom Krieg wrote:
>> I just upgraded my development machine to Windows10 1903 because Visual
>> Studio's new "modern" flat controls (text boxes, datagrids etc) aren't
>> available under any Windows < 10. All updates applied, Windows10 2004
>> postponed until the end of July. So I set up the Start menu so it's
>> logical and then tested every program I had installed, including Paradox
>> 10. I set it to XP compatibilty and I'll be da*m*d if I can get it to
>> break. No matter what I do, forms with 4 or 5 notebooks, buttons on each
>> notebook, tableframes on each page. No matter what I did, it works
>> perfectly. The only difference is, I don't have local share = "On" all
>> tables linked to Paradox are in Priv and not shared. I have SMB1 turned
>> off by default and my database is a PostgreSQL database that is accessed
>> with pass-through SQL and all procesing  is done in Procedures, Triggers
>> and functions. Queries are (sometimes very complex) SQL Functions on the
>> server returning data. No QBE and no local SQL.
>> So the problems people are having "MAY" be because the BDE is ageing and
>> isn't really compatible with Win10. Paradox keeps working as long as
>> it's not stressed by the BDE.

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