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Subject:Re: Am I missing something?
Date:Fri, 12 Jun 2020 16:41:12 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
I spoke too soon. Now I've got the dreaded "Paradox has stopped working 
..." problem when I close Paradox. My application doesn't have this 
problem so the solution discovered by Tony McGuire still works for 
Windows10 as well, because the following line is in my master script, 
just before the Exit statement.

    Execute("TaskKill.exe /T /F /IM pdxwin32.exe", No, ExeHidden)

But when I don't start my application and just use Pdox for design, I 
get the ... has stopped working... message. So this one is still hanging 
around. I got rid of it by running Paradox as an administrator under Win 
7 but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

On 11/06/2020 7:12 pm, Tom Krieg wrote:
> I set it to XP compatibilty and I'll be da*m*d if I can get it to 
> break. 

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