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Subject:Re: Project Viewer properties menu
Date:Fri, 3 Jul 2020 10:07:46 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
Works as it should on my system. I have 1903 with the 2nd lot of June 
patches installed. (The ones that fixed the 'can't print' problems). 
Every Windows version, and every patch, causes issues or major problems. 
That's why I have feature updates delayed by 365 days and quality 
updates (patches) delayed by 30 days. To give MS time to fix their 
latest screw up. What's your version?

On 3/07/2020 4:16 am, Kevin Zawicki wrote:
> Recently on one of my WIN10 machines...
> When I right click on a table in project viewer (or other pdox file: form,
> script, etc.) I get the Windows file explorer right click menu instead of
> the Paradox "right click" menu.
> When I right click on a table I do nto see "empty", restructure, etc.
> Anyone seen this before?

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