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Subject:Re: Project Viewer properties menu WIN7
Date:3 Jul 2020 00:27:05 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>


(user error)
this IS happening, but on a WIN7 machine that has not had any recent patches.

It is really odd, not sure when it started, but it did work not doesn't.

Maybe corrupt tool bars? 

Tom Krieg <> wrote:
>Works as it should on my system. I have 1903 with the 2nd lot of June 
>patches installed. (The ones that fixed the 'can't print' problems). 
>Every Windows version, and every patch, causes issues or major problems.

>That's why I have feature updates delayed by 365 days and quality 
>updates (patches) delayed by 30 days. To give MS time to fix their 
>latest screw up. What's your version?
>On 3/07/2020 4:16 am, Kevin Zawicki wrote:
>> Recently on one of my WIN10 machines...
>> When I right click on a table in project viewer (or other pdox file: form,
>> script, etc.) I get the Windows file explorer right click menu instead
>> the Paradox "right click" menu.
>> When I right click on a table I do nto see "empty", restructure, etc.
>> Anyone seen this before?

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