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Subject:Re: reports open to screen crash
Date:Thu, 29 Oct 2020 08:48:50 -0500
From:Mark Bannister <>
Reports are the bane of Pdox.
It's just bizarre how they behave.
Best solution for reports I've found is keep them simple.  Open them 
with temp tables that have all the calculations and combinations already 
done.  On the other hand I have some very complex ones with Opal code on 
them that work just fine and always have.  I have others I have to 
occasionally rebuild.

On 10/28/2020 1:50 PM, Kevin Zawicki wrote:
> On one workstation (after the re install, turn off UAC, etc)) some reports
> (there are about 30) will not open to screen.
> It appears the report windows generates and is in background of Paradox window
> and then Paradox crashes.
> These same reports can be printed to paper  / PDF.
> This is only some of the reports. Most of them open correctly.
> No recent changes to the code, just the new workstation pdox install.
> report crashes on screen open, prints OK.
> Any ideas?

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