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Subject:Re: Paradox & Win 10, 2004
Date:Thu, 29 Oct 2020 09:01:50 -0500
From:Mark Bannister <>
32bit drivers
Well for Postgresql you could probably run an old version for as long as 
you wanted.  V9 EOL is next year but if you are running your app on a 
local network I think the security risks are small.
Win10 not supporting 32 bit drivers may be the biggest deal but you can 
always run inside a virtual machine.  That adds a layer of complication 
in some ways but also simplifies a lot of issues.

On 10/28/2020 7:18 PM, Tom Krieg wrote:
> Best you don't. :-)
> I've narrowed it down to the ODBC driver for PostgreSQL. I use a 
> PostgresSQL Database rather than shared Paradox tables in my app so it 
> looked as if it was coming from the BDE (which it was). Upgrading the 
> ODBC driver to the latest version fixed it. (I wonder how long 32bit 
> drivers will be available? ... and what will happen when they disappear?)
> On 29/10/2020 12:45 am, Steven Green wrote:
>> "unusual things".. dare I ask?
>> -- 

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