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Subject:Lookup tab crash in Table restructure/build
Date:10 Nov 2020 19:58:27 -0400
From:"Peter" <>

I have finally cought the problem.

It is not a direct Win10 update or buildversion problem what I assumed in
my earlier post.

For the table lookup dialog Paradox is scanning "This PC" for all the links
in the current user folders like Documents, Music, Desktop, Pictures, Videos,
etc. If there is a media player link or a "dead" link in that folder, like
a networkshare that is not running, the dialog crashes without message.

So, don‘t add any other links to the standard links in "This PC" otherwise
Table lookup will crash.

In safe mode (without network) there is less change of crashing because Media
player will be ignored. But it still can crash if the actual user has added
a shortcut to a network folder.

I am relieved that this is solved because I had no real other issues with
Paradox 11(.0.0.41) for the last years under Win10.

Kind regards, Peter

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