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Date:4 Dec 2020 01:05:21 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

New PC, win 10.
Restructure a table show Insufficient disk space.

The drive free space was evenly divisible by 4gb.

Have not seen this in a while.

I applied the Fix_For_Incorrect_BDE_Error-If_Free_Disk_Space_Exceeds_4GB

The test form reports not installed, even though I manually checked that
the dbeker32.dll is there in Windows\system32.

Not sure why it cannot see it.

Forcing that variable in the test to be true, it goes on to to verify the
DBE change and it cannot see that either.
The install reported installed and made the back up.

I might have an older version of the DBE 4 gb fix.

Any one applied this to Windows 10 64bit?

UAC blocking anything?


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