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Subject:Re: Windows 10X
Date:12 Jan 2021 13:38:07 -0400
From:"Kevin Zawicki" <>

My 2 cents.

Agree with Steven.

It my experience (still supporting several PDOX systems) the only thing killing
legacy systems Paradox is simply a small business that uses it closes, retires,
or the support person leaves, dies, etc. I had one where they sold the business
and the new owner discussed with me the system and support and scrapped it
and bought a new tool. Sucks for me, but likely made correct choice.

Eventually through attrition Paradox will likely just not be used. 

Windows 10X is (I think) the Santorini codename they have kicked around for
months. It only runs on Intel sets.

The container idea is interesting, but it seems some apps are 32bit and not
using containers in Windows 10X (Chrome?).

Have to see where this goes, but I doubt it will affect the apps I support,
they run mostly on PCs (some I hear still using XP and 7 and 8). I often
have to explain Paradox legacy apps cannot be run on android, mobile, apple,
etc. But can interface, use SQL, etc.

It looks like it will support 32bit apps via the cloud. Like a VM.

Having just moved a large (large Paradox, small in the universe) system to
a new WIN10 PC, I told the client this is good for 5 years at least. That
is what I said when I moved to win7 (10?) years ago. He replied, good, make
it last 7 and we get a new PC about then anyway.

Some time in 2021, if you buy a Windows laptop, you'll probably get Windows
I doubt it. Just bought one with Win10 weeks ago. My local guy intends to
carry Win10 laptops. Even if MS breaks this, I doubt it will affect PCs in
next 10 years.

"Steven Green" <> wrote:
>so far, we've done OK with a product that's been officially dead for almost

>20 years :-)
>Steven Green
>Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>Collectibles and Memorabilia
>Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>- and Paradox support, too
>"Tom Krieg"  wrote in message news:5ff7d7cd$
>Windows 10X(or Lite) is starting  to be discussed by Windows Insiders.
>Apparently it's being released for proven, existing single-screen
>devices and will be more secure than the current Windows. Some time in
>2021, if you buy a Windows laptop, you'll probably get Windows 10X.
>Applications will run in containers. Unfortunately, the compatibility
>with 32bit applications running in emulation mode isn't great, in fact
>it's rumoured to be really bad. Is this a harbinger of things to come
>for Paradox? 

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