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Subject:Re: Windows 11 - The end of Paradox compatibility?
Date:7 Jul 2021 06:08:29 -0400
From:"Jeremy Stagg" <>

I'll let you know ...

"Kevin Zawicki" <> wrote:
>developing methods to replace MAPI and emailing
>In OPAL? I would like to see that...
>"Jeremy Stagg" <> wrote:
>>Thanks to all for responses re Runtime 10 SP3 or 4 ... helped clarify availability
>>for me.
>>Re ODBC and Wine, no not yet. Preoccupied with developing methods to replace
>>MAPI and emailing using chosen clients in both Linux and MacOS. This is
>>adventure I didn't expect.
>>"Steven Green" <> wrote:
>>>>Would anyone have a copy of the Paradox 10 runtime versions SP3 or 4
>>>>online patch only works with the WordPerfect 2002 office install, not
>>>there is no SP3 or 4 for P10 Runtime.. SP2 is what is used
>>>Steven Green
>>>Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
>>>Collectibles and Memorabilia
>>>Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
>>>- and Paradox support, too
>>>"Jeremy Stagg"  wrote in message news:60df9b83$
>>>I'm running a project for a customer in Crossover (Codeweavers) with Pdx10
>>>runtime SP2. Prefer SP3 or 4 (cannot find a copy of runtime to these version
>>>Anyhow, being MacOS BigSur with no 32 bit code it appears to be running
>>>no table issues so far. However some slight oddities re file date stamps
>>>for printer drivers as reported by system info (Paradox runtime help menu).
>>>Under Debian Linux with 32- and 64-bit wine code environment (PlayOnLinux)
>>>the Paradox 10 runtime has no such oddities and performs I think even

>>>Encouraging enough to dump Windows requirements and use a Linux terminal
>>>server style approach with either X2Go or NoMachine.
>>>Paradox 11 full application installs and runs, as does the runtime code
>>>the same environment. Using the "Bottles" options available means multiple
>>>quasi windows environments on the same physical machine or user's session.
>>>Suggest look outside the Microsoft box as there are options available,
>>>as businesses will have less cash flow for some time.
>>>Would anyone have a copy of the Paradox 10 runtime versions SP3 or 4 ?
>>>online patch only works with the WordPerfect 2002 office install, not

>>>"Kevin Zawicki" <> wrote:
>>>>Having read through MANY blogs and such, I think it is a leap to say

>>>>will not run on Windows 11, at this time.
>>>>MS pulled the "checker" tool to test for Windows 11 upgrade compatibility
>>>>so we cannot check.
>>>>For Windows 10:
>>>>The Windows 7 to 10 checker did block and flag on one of my PCs as it
>>>>a very old Dreamweaver. Once Dreamweaver removed it upgraded. I was 
>>>>it must check hardware and apps and maybe flag apps as a stopper, so
>>>>flag Corel Suite for Win11 if not working.
>>>>Every 2 years people say Paradox will not run on Win XXX for the past
>>>>versions of Windows... yet so far it has...
>>>>Eventually the doomsayers of Paradox will be right but I want to get
>>>>11 upgrade and test to know for sure.
>>>>Also, one thing to watch is Wordperfect Suites. If they have a new version
>>>>that is for / runs on Win11 with Paradox, Paradox will likely run. 
>>>>(years ago) stated that they would not include Paradox in the suite if
>>>>OS would not allow it. They can't.
>>>>Some statement to the effect that if it was (maybe at the time) Windows
>>>>compatible all the products in Suite would run.
>>>>Even though no changes to Paradox, they must certify it to run  to have
>>>>flag of approval.
>>>>Also, I figure I have almost 8 years on my current Win10 machines having
>>>>run Win7 for a long time passed its "end".
>>>>My largest system business owner said "lets see if we are still in busses
>>>>in 5 years and plan then..."
>>>>So many businesses took a huge COVID hit, there is no appetite to build
>>>>systems and machines right now.
>>>>Bernie van't Hof <onrequest@somewhere> wrote:
>>>>>Is it unreasonable to think that windows will not continue to support
>>>>>ancient applications?
>>>>>As pointed out earlier in this thread, there exist excellent
>>>>>virtualisations to natively run ancient software and old OS's in modern
>>>>>On 30/6/21 7:45 pm, Bernie van't Hof wrote:
>>>>>> I'm bound to get slapped for this, but (as an avid mac fan for more
>>>>>> decade) I had to chuckle reading Znet's barfs about imminent Win11
>>>>>> release:
>>>>>> "Thanks to Windows 11, Microsoft is going to help Apple sell a lot
>>>>>> Silicon Macs."
>>>>>> [Ducking down out of the line of fire...]
>>>>>> - Bernie
>>>>>> On 28/6/21 6:11 pm, Tom Krieg wrote:
>>>>>>> My reading of the Windows 11 announcement (and the hardware
>>>>>>> requirements to run it) is that Paradox probably won't install
>>>>>>> under Windows 11. So anyone still running a Paradox applicationĀ

>>>>>>> their business should look to move to a newer platform before 2025.
>>>>>>> years is plenty of time to prepare.

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