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Subject:Re: Windows 11 - The end of Paradox compatibility?
Date:11 Nov 2021 16:35:37 -0400
From:"Taikuri" <>

Paradox should have been killed off by the users half a decade ago.  Microsoft
did the best thing they could with Visual FoxPro - though one would argue
that Paradox competes with Access more than FoxPro.  Corel will not do this,
because they want to continue to raid people's wallets by using Paradox to
increase the cost of WordPerfect Office and upgrades via the Professional
SKU (though if you have any recent version of WPO Professional, you only
need Standard since they do not update Paradox, anyways).

I would not recommend anyone start anything new in Paradox.  The software
is not worth running a virtualized OS on your machine for.

Move to Microsoft Access, or a general purpose development tool with an embedded
database (Visual Studio, Delphi/C++Builder, etc.).

If I paid a developer to develop a system for me, and he handed me something
developed in Paradox, I would refuse to compensate and ask him to redevelop
it in something like Visual Studio or RAD Studio.  I would even accept an
Access solution over Paradox these days.

Paradox is a compatibility landmine.

People really should have stopped using it to develop any new solutions more
than half a decade ago, when it was clear Corel had shut down any development
for this database product.

Access, Filemaker, dBase Plus, etc. all still exist.  There is no reason
to stay on this platform.

"Kevin Zawicki" <> wrote:
>Having read through MANY blogs and such, I think it is a leap to say Paradox
>will not run on Windows 11, at this time.
>MS pulled the "checker" tool to test for Windows 11 upgrade compatibility
>so we cannot check. 
>For Windows 10:
>The Windows 7 to 10 checker did block and flag on one of my PCs as it had
>a very old Dreamweaver. Once Dreamweaver removed it upgraded. I was thinking
>it must check hardware and apps and maybe flag apps as a stopper, so thus
>flag Corel Suite for Win11 if not working.
>Every 2 years people say Paradox will not run on Win XXX for the past 3-4
>versions of Windows... yet so far it has...
>Eventually the doomsayers of Paradox will be right but I want to get a Windows
>11 upgrade and test to know for sure.
>Also, one thing to watch is Wordperfect Suites. If they have a new version
>that is for / runs on Win11 with Paradox, Paradox will likely run. Wordperfect
>(years ago) stated that they would not include Paradox in the suite if the
>OS would not allow it. They can't.
>Some statement to the effect that if it was (maybe at the time) Windows
>compatible all the products in Suite would run.
>Even though no changes to Paradox, they must certify it to run  to have
>flag of approval.
>Also, I figure I have almost 8 years on my current Win10 machines having
>run Win7 for a long time passed its "end".
>My largest system business owner said "lets see if we are still in busses
>in 5 years and plan then..."
>So many businesses took a huge COVID hit, there is no appetite to build
>systems and machines right now.
>Bernie van't Hof <onrequest@somewhere> wrote:
>>Is it unreasonable to think that windows will not continue to support 
>>ancient applications?
>>As pointed out earlier in this thread, there exist excellent 
>>virtualisations to natively run ancient software and old OS's in modern
>>On 30/6/21 7:45 pm, Bernie van't Hof wrote:
>>> I'm bound to get slapped for this, but (as an avid mac fan for more than
>>> decade) I had to chuckle reading Znet's barfs about imminent Win11 release:
>>> "Thanks to Windows 11, Microsoft is going to help Apple sell a lot of
>>> Silicon Macs."
>>> [Ducking down out of the line of fire...]
>>> - Bernie
>>> On 28/6/21 6:11 pm, Tom Krieg wrote:
>>>> My reading of the Windows 11 announcement (and the hardware 
>>>> requirements to run it) is that Paradox probably won't install or run
>>>> under Windows 11. So anyone still running a Paradox applicationĀ  in
>>>> their business should look to move to a newer platform before 2025.
>>>> years is plenty of time to prepare.

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