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Subject:Re: netdump and lockdump
Date:Fri, 26 May 2017 23:47:39 +0100
From:Michael Kennedy <>

It might take me a few shots to recall some useful details...

Probably irrelevant, but are you using PDoxDOS or some version of 
PDoxWin? Or both  ;-)

On 26/05/2017 21:01, Steven Green wrote:
> client has a growing lock file, on an on-going basis.. the reasons are 
> understandable and for the moment, unavoidable.. when everyone gets out 
> of paradox, it goes away, so it's not damaged

This was a very major issue, some decades ago. And now I don't recall 
the causes/solutions. Perhaps Locks are being placed, but not released.

> all the machines are 64-bit, so lockdump and netdump will NOT run on 
> their machines (16 bit)
> copied both to my system.. they seem to be making a good net file, I can 
> always read it with netdump just fine, it's always 13030 bytes, the data 
> matches what the app says, etc

Sounds perfect.

> here's the issue, Mike :-)  long story, but I can't use the same drive 
> letter on my machine.. at the command prompt, lockdump throws an 
> Abort/Retry/Fail cuz it can't find the net file on the correct drive.. 
> so I edit the lock file, substitute a different drive letter, and save 
> the file.. then lockdump says "This is a Directory Lock"

Maybe try SUBST to assign the required letter - if that letter is free.

When you change the Drive-letter, make sure you use a "hex" editor - a 
standard editor would likely mess up a hex-editing session. Also, the 
drive-letter might be held in multiple places inside a hex file, perhaps 
as a letter a-z, A-Z, and/or as a number (0=A, or 1=A, or 0=C, or 1=C, etc).

When investigating this issue way-back-when, I wrote some code to 
analyse the lock-files. The only detail I recall now is that the code 
searched for pairs (Lock and Unlock) within the file, and then 
highlighted the unmatched/unreleased locks/entries. I'm sure I have that 
code somewhere, if it might help (I might even have previously sent it 
to you/others!).

Or, if you want, send me the Lockfile, and I'll check if I can access it 

The Directory-Lock message seems wrong - that was/is an option to place 
a lock on a Directory, and thereby avoid having to place/release all the 
individual record/block locks thereafter.

   - Mike

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