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Subject:Re: oil beef hooked
Date:Sun, 22 Apr 2018 12:52:22 +1000
From:Bernie van't Hof <>
Thanks for the responses.

I've realised I didn't properly consider a simpler version of this, ie queries with multiple
rows in one of the tables 
involved. It could get complex, but I am revisiting the code with a view to coming up with a
practical result.

Its interesting that pdox can get fussy with some query formats giving "Query appears to ask
two unrelated questions" 
and yet allows the kind of behaviour mentioned originally!

- Bernie

On 16/4/18 12:11 am, Bernie van't Hof wrote:
> I didn't know pdoxdos could handle a multi-line query where each line is doing something
completely different.
> row1 an insert
> row2 a changeto
> row3 a check
> using different columns.
> I went through a few variations and did find occasional wrong results in the answer table,
but inserted and changed 
> seemed ok.
> I'm not going to try to emulate this behaviour, but am curious. Have you seen use of this
concept in the wild?
> - Bernie

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