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Subject:Re: Multi-Line queries
Date:Fri, 11 May 2018 20:32:42 +0100
From:Michael Kennedy <>
On 11/05/2018 18:17, Bernie van't Hof wrote:
> Most of these are selects with various tests, which are not too hard to 
> convert using multiple queries and UNION.
> There are some that change or delete and that is giving me pause for 
> thought. Maybe the only way is multiple queries in a TRANSACTION, but 
> that causes complications building the CHANGED and DELETED result 
> tables. Mmmmmmm.

Well, if I'm the only one running some of these oddball constructs then 
maybe skip them?

> Also a timely reminder to implement "!". I currently recognise it but 
> don't follow through in the join.
> And I bet you had fun with this one:
> On 11/5/18 8:02 am, Michael Kennedy wrote:
>>     Menu {Ask} Select Trans_01_Tmp
>>        Moveto [Account No]      "_ac"
>>        Moveto [Year End Date]   "_dt"
>>        Moveto [Run Batches]     "Y"
>>        Moveto [Business Typ]    "~ForB"  ;Fishing/BUSINESS
>>     MENU {Ask} SELECT TaxPadP
>>        MOVETO [Account No]      "_a!,_ac"   CHECKPLUS
>>        MOVETO [Year End Date]   "_b!,_dt"   CHECKPLUS
>>        [Line No]              = "~tot_line"  ;= match on line "37"
>>     DOWN                                    
;A-N-D (because of next 
>> _a,_b)
>>        MOVETO [Account No]      "_a"     ;??? Maybe ",count=0" here
>>        MOVETO [Year End Date]   "_b"     ;??? Maybe ",count=0" here also
>>        [Line No]              = "not ~tot_line,count=0" ;have a
>> of NO
>>     Do_It!  Qry_is_Ok("B18")   ClearAll

Wow - that looks like many wasted hours and lost sleep  ;-)

However, though I do vaguely recall the actual app, I've no clue now 
what all that "37" thing is all about, and what the query was trying to 
achieve. However, that app was run by a few hundred users, maybe 
10-20-30 times per working day, over, perhaps 25-30 years, and is 
probably still running, and I'm pretty sure the query is working 
correctly  ;-)

If you want me to dig out the context, and exactly what it's trying to 
do, let me know.

   - Mike

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