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Subject:Re: Multi-Line queries
Date:Tue, 12 Jun 2018 04:55:12 +1000
From:Bernie van't Hof <>
Just to let you know I havn't gone away. This discussion prompted a lot of rethink. Still plugging

On 12/5/18 5:32 am, Michael Kennedy wrote:
> On 11/05/2018 18:17, Bernie van't Hof wrote:
>> Most of these are selects with various tests, which are not too hard to convert using
multiple queries and UNION.
>> There are some that change or delete and that is giving me pause for thought. Maybe
the only way is multiple queries 
>> in a TRANSACTION, but that causes complications building the CHANGED and DELETED result
tables. Mmmmmmm.
> Well, if I'm the only one running some of these oddball constructs then maybe skip them?
>> Also a timely reminder to implement "!". I currently recognise it but don't follow
through in the join.
>> And I bet you had fun with this one:
>> On 11/5/18 8:02 am, Michael Kennedy wrote:
>>>     Menu {Ask} Select Trans_01_Tmp
>>>        Moveto [Account No]      "_ac"
>>>        Moveto [Year End Date]   "_dt"
>>>        Moveto [Run Batches]     "Y"
>>>        Moveto [Business Typ]    "~ForB"  ;Fishing/BUSINESS
>>>     MENU {Ask} SELECT TaxPadP
>>>        MOVETO [Account No]      "_a!,_ac"   CHECKPLUS
>>>        MOVETO [Year End Date]   "_b!,_dt"   CHECKPLUS
>>>        [Line No]              = "~tot_line"  ;= match on line
>>>     DOWN                                    
;A-N-D (because of next _a,_b)
>>>        MOVETO [Account No]      "_a"     ;??? Maybe ",count=0" here
>>>        MOVETO [Year End Date]   "_b"     ;??? Maybe ",count=0" here
>>>        [Line No]              = "not ~tot_line,count=0" ;have
a total of NO
;lines, WITHOUT 37
>>>     Do_It!  Qry_is_Ok("B18")   ClearAll
> Wow - that looks like many wasted hours and lost sleep  ;-)
> However, though I do vaguely recall the actual app, I've no clue now what all that "37"
thing is all about, and what the 
> query was trying to achieve. However, that app was run by a few hundred users, maybe 10-20-30
times per working day, 
> over, perhaps 25-30 years, and is probably still running, and I'm pretty sure the query
is working correctly  ;-)
> If you want me to dig out the context, and exactly what it's trying to do, let me know.
>    - Mike

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