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Subject:Re: Converter Update
Date:Sun, 15 Jul 2018 05:33:00 +1000
From:Bernie van't Hof <>
You are, of course, quite correct! Note the sql shown only responds to the first (sub) query.

But that was a couple of weeks ago.

That query, and the one preceding it, were working towards running multiple sub queries in a
transaction, but I decided 
to leave that for another day. I'm a bit queried out. Both are now rejected with "Inconsistent

There were other bugs in there too. DELETE wasn't always behaving, and CALC would sometimes
add a space (e.g. CALC "" => 
SELECT ' '). These changes are largely on github now.

! support has been added, generating left and right joins. Not sure yet if its 100% correct
yet, and doesn't support 
full outer joins (same as mysql).

Private tables are now in per-user databases. Keeps table names consistent. Updated many Connection
functions which 
assumed default database.

Right now I'm correcting the way CHECK etc get flagged in query images. Will update github when

If I don't distract myself with more bugs/refactors/improvements etc it will finally be time
to move on to the next 
major building blocks: UI, and data handling.

- Bernie

On 14/7/18 7:11 am, Larry DiGiovanni wrote:
> I've been reading these long enough to know the interesting stuff is at the end...
> query
> transact | GSTAmt             |
>           | calc 2 *(3 + 4) |
>           | calc "s"        |
> endquery
> Is this a valid QBE?  When I create something like this, I get 'Query appears to ask two
unrelated questions.'
> -- 
> Larry DiGiovanni

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