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Subject:Re: FORMAT
Date:Mon, 20 Aug 2018 05:44:10 +1000
From:Bernie van't Hof <>
I don't disagree re that book.

I didn't lose what you sent :-) , it simply doesn't have the info beyond a simple example. :-(

I know

Wl.p       Width with length and no of places
AL, AR, AC Align left/right/centre
CC is mentioned in playrightpro thing as set "proper case"

- Bernie

On 19/8/18 10:43 pm, Steven Green wrote:
> Alan Simpson.. the worst paradox books in paradox history.. he was the one who had all
the noobs using Edit Mode and 
> trashing their data !!
> I gave you the text version of the complete help system, from playright pro.. you lost
it? :-)
> so.. what is it about Format that you need to know?
> -- 
> Steven Green
> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
> Collectibles and Memorabilia
> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
> - and Paradox support, too
> "Bernie van't Hof"  wrote in message news:5b79366e$
> Implementing calculated fields in forms has prompted proper translation of the pdox FORMAT
> Unfortunately, I don't have the spec. The only pxoxdos book I have is "Mastering Paradox
4 for DOS" by Alan Simpson and
> it does no more than mention the command with one example. Similarly online help.
> Anyone able to help?
> As an aside, at the back of the book I noticed two beautifully perforated pages of quick
reference Rolodex cards. Very
> quaint! Anyone still use Rolodex?

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