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Subject:Re: Grrrr dynamic scoping in PAL
Date:Wed, 12 Sep 2018 21:21:55 -0400
From:"Larry DiGiovanni" <nospam@nospam>
Bernie van't Hof wrote:

> Looking back, it just seems ridiculous, and is generating a bit of extra 
> work for me!

I'll bet.  Dynamic scoping is bad, but worse, or at least as bad, is that 
PAL variables are also dynamically typed.

I got curious how you were approaching this, so I started digging.  It looks 
like you are handling globally scoped variables in $GLOBALS.  I'm not 
familiar with PHP variable scopes  (and I'm kinda rusty on PAL scopes the 
more I think about it).

As I recall, you launch the app via the command line, which starts listening 
on port <whatever>.  Then you connect on port <whatever> from a browser, and 
start running the app.

So what happens when a second browser hits port <whatever>?  Are $GLOBALS in 
scope across both?

This is more a PHP variable scope question, as it relates to your 
application lifecycle.

Larry DiGiovanni

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