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Subject:Re: one I missed
Date:Sat, 21 Dec 2019 01:00:23 +1000
From:Bernie van't Hof <onrequest@somewhere>
When my thing crapped out on this I looked at the PAL code and figured 
it must be a mistake. It just looks wrong. But its been working fine for 
25 years. Even now I have no recollection of that structure but it must 
have been documented somewhere way back! Anyway easy fixed.

On 20/12/19 11:24 pm, Steven Green wrote:
> you can put insert, delete, or check in that first column.. insert 
> requires more detail in the fields, of course, but the other two work 
> fine all by themselves
> -- 
> Steven Green
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> "Michael Kennedy"  wrote in message 
> news:5dfbe696$
> On 19/12/2019 16:51, Bernie van't Hof wrote:
>> Here's one I didn't prepare for:
>> Query
>>     Tmp   |
>>    delete |
>> Endquery
>> Do_It!
>> Works just fine in pdoxDOS.
>> Deletes the contents of Tmp (into Deleted)
> Obviously, an Empty command should be used (for speed, etc), unless the
> deleted records are still needed in the Deleted table?
> I'd guess I've never used that syntax, but I have often used the
> Delete-Query, to delete SOME of the records, and, of course, that might
> sometimes result in deleting ALL the records, if they all matched the
> selection parms.
>    - Michael

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