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Subject:Re: dates
Date:Tue, 9 Feb 2021 10:06:02 -0500
From:"Steven Green" <>
so ground zero is 1/1/1900.. pdoxdos always assumes two-digit year is 19xx.. 
pdoxwin you can set the two-digit limits at both ends


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"Bernie van't Hof"  wrote in message

I liked your comment re generated dates.

As you say 0 to 99 are problematic as they will be cast into 20th or
21st century.

>9999 can't be entered and display is truncated, but ~sometimes~ can be
generated and stored eg

[] = DATEVAL("31-Dec-9999") + 1

But these fail:

DATEVAL("1-Jan-12345")            wants DATE
[] = DATEVAL("1-Jan-12345") + 1   wants ALPHNUMERIC

And as "we" have nothing better to do today:

DATEVAL("1-Jan-0001") - 1               31-Dec-0
DATEVAL("1-Jan-0001") - 367             30-Dec-1899
DATEVAL("1-Jan-0001") - 367 + 100*366+1 16-Mar-2000

> Just to clarify some of yesterday's notes, I think the Date-values for the 
> first century (0000-0099) can be generated only internally, via 
> Date-operations, because I think any attempt to input raw dates xx/xx/0000 
> to xx/xx/0099 will be forced into the 1900-1999 range.
> And, if we had nothing better to do!, we could then use further date 
> arithmetic to calculate dates PRIOR to 31.12.0000, and we could see what 
> PDoxDOS thinks of those!  ;-)

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