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Date:Wed, 13 Oct 2021 09:56:51 +1000
From:Bernie van't Hof <onrequest@somewhere>
The help says "creates a canvas or image window". The options are 
[FLOATING|IMAGE]. These choices are optional, implying a third state 
being neither floating or image.

Testing confirms the CURRENT, NOWINDOW, IMAGE has a window applied.

Testing shows it creates a window, but is temporary!

A normal window that can be dragged etc subject to its attributes.

Very good. The fog clears. Thanks to you both!

- B

On 13/10/21 5:13 am, Steve Green wrote:
> IMAGE - pdoxDOS allows you to create a "windowless image".. in pdoxWIN, 
> that's a tcursor.. you don't have to see it to interact with it, etc.. 
> this IMAGE command turns it into a regular image with a window handle, etc
> FLOATING - put this window on top, turn the canvas off, this window is, 
> for example
> "processing.. 1 of 10"
> "processing.. 2 of 10"
> or it has a jpg of a kitty, while all the tables underneath are getting 
> rebuilt :-)

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