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Subject:Explanation of the various groups here on Pnews
Date:Thu, 7 Mar 2002 13:45:02 -0800
From:"Tony McGuire" <>


Below is a brief explanation of each of the groups you will find
here on pnews.

You will find that you are very welcome here, and there are many
people here who will help new people find their way around.

If you can't find a group that seems appropriate for your question
or message, you can always use the -discussions group.  If you
haven't yet found it, check out for
hundreds of pages/articles about using Paradox.

Help with interactive use of the product (that is, accessing
features through menus, dialogs, etc., not programming, not general
database development questions):
** Interactive Paradox (pnews.paradox-interactive)

Help for general database development issues (including database
design / theory, user interface design, distribution methods and
other non-coding developer concerns):
** Paradox Development (pnews.paradox-development)

Help with ObjectPAL programming:
** Paradox Programming  (pnews.paradox-programming)

Help with internet/intranet development, including web page
creation, Corel Web Server OCX configuration (stand alone or with
other servers), etc.:
** Paradox Internet/Intranet Development (pnews.paradox-web)

Help with SQL/client-server issues:
** SQL/CS Group (pnews.paradox-client_server)

Help with all types of Paradox for DOS questions:
** Paradox for DOS (pnews.paradox-dos)

Language-specific help or discussions:
** Dutch Group (pnews.paradox-intl-nl)
** French Group (pnews.paradox-intl-fr)
** German Group (pnews.paradox-intl-de)
** Italian Group (pnews.paradox-intl-it)
** Russian Group (pnews.paradox-intl-ru)
** Spanish Group (pnews.paradox-intl-es)
** Swedish Group (pnews.paradox-intl-se)
** All Other Languages Group (pnews.paradox-intl-various)

Other groups:
 General Discussions and Newsgroup Announcements
** pnews.paradox-discussions
 Support and Announcements of 3rd Party Tools and Software
** pnews.paradox-3rdparty

Gateway to the 'public' newsgroup:
** comp.databases.paradox (comp.databases.paradox)

 Tony McGuire

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