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Subject:Re: Windows 10 will be FREE for W7 and higher Windows Versions
Date:Mon, 1 Jun 2015 22:07:42 -0700
From:"Stephen H. Fischer" <>
Look for another Icon in your Notifications area.

I signed up and wish the Icon to not show but it comes back each time I hide 
it and restart the computer.

My W 7 Home Premium 32 Bit system I tried Windows Update to see if it appear 
but it did not.

That system is planned to upgrade to W 7 pro. (Backup HTPC, soon to be the 
Primary HTPC.)

A work in progress for sure the article says.

The W 10 DVD's are suggested to be written, my first step. W 10 will not 
play DVD's, how do you write them.

Copy to another computer with a DVD writer perhaps. A lot of 3 GB downloads 
will perhaps occur never to be used.


"Tom Krieg" <> wrote in message
> Note at the end: Windows 10 will not play DVDs without additional 
> software. Media Player will be removed, as well as other software with 
> issues (presumably VLC media player). If you already have Paradox 
> installed, it would be interesting to see if it's removed during the 
> upgrade. I, for one, won't be upgrading anytime soon, not until I know 
> that Photoshop6, Alienskin BlowUp and other stuff I use every day (not 
> just Paradox) will work without issues.
> On 2/06/2015 12:51 AM, Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
>> I just got this in my notifications Icon area.
>> My reading that Windows 10 would be free to W7 and higher Windows
>> versions was correct.
>> ----------------------
>> As Windows 10 is said to be the last Windows version, what is next? 
>> "DOORS"
>> SHF

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