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Subject:Re: Windows 10 will be FREE for W7 and higher Windows Versions
Date:Wed, 03 Jun 2015 09:43:14 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
I suspect, as with Windows7, a clean install will be the best option. 
Windows7 allowed a clean install, even when you bought an upgrade. (As 
long as you had a previous version). I hope Windows10 has the same 
ability from the downloaded iso.

I suspect you're right about DVDs. Movies have always required separate 
software. I use VLC. Microsoft says that media player will be 
uninstalled because it has issues with Windows10.

On 3/06/2015 5:34 AM, Anders Jonsson wrote:
> I will surely upgrade a few of my test machines to see what happens with
> Paradox.
> Regardnig DVDs - I assume that refers to DVD-movies, not the DVD disks
> in general??
> I think it has been that way since Windows 7 (or maybe it was 8).

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