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Subject:Re: Windows 10 will be FREE for W7 and higher Windows Versions
Date:Tue, 2 Jun 2015 17:29:57 -0700
From:"Stephen H. Fischer" <>
If you go the route of the Icon downloading the "FREE" upgrade from say W7 
to W10, then the clean install route may not be possible. It will not be an 
ISO for sure, I read words that strongly suggest you to burn the system 
restore DVD's.

I downloaded the W10 32 Bit ISO and installed it (Clean Install) because a 
very knowledgeable person suggested that I might not need to pay for W10 or 
even present my W7 ownership rights when the RTM version is available. It's 
now a dual boot with W7 Home Premium which if I remember correctly is not 
eligible for the free upgrade.

VLC, if it is banned from W10 will be a deal killer for me. It's 75%+ of my 
DTV viewing as almost all of the stations screw ups can be fixed. And they 
mess up a lot.


"Tom Krieg" <> wrote in message 
>I suspect, as with Windows7, a clean install will be the best option. 
>Windows7 allowed a clean install, even when you bought an upgrade. (As long 
>as you had a previous version). I hope Windows10 has the same ability from 
>the downloaded iso.
> I suspect you're right about DVDs. Movies have always required separate 
> software. I use VLC. Microsoft says that media player will be uninstalled 
> because it has issues with Windows10.
> On 3/06/2015 5:34 AM, Anders Jonsson wrote:
>> I will surely upgrade a few of my test machines to see what happens with
>> Paradox.
>> Regardnig DVDs - I assume that refers to DVD-movies, not the DVD disks
>> in general??
>> I think it has been that way since Windows 7 (or maybe it was 8).

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