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Subject:Re: Windows 10 will be FREE for W7 and higher Windows Versions
Date:Wed, 3 Jun 2015 22:53:47 -0700
From:"Stephen H. Fischer" <>
VLC site says W10 is fine.

A big book writer has lots of good words on W10. The bottom line is just 
like the tablets, everything has moved to the internet and Windows must also 
or die. That was said years ago.

I have downloaded W10 ISO(s) the last two days and while I have not found 
words yet I expect that a product key will be part of the upgrade or the W7 
one will be used. MS's computers will know which computers go with each 
product key and which W7 computers were upgraded.

A W10 page said use Windows DVD writer software to burn the ISO.

Those who get the update via the Icon are instructed to burn recovery disks 
soon, just like I did after starting my W7 laptop computer the first time.

But I have not seen words about the ISO upgrade route just the words from a 
real expert.


"Anders Jonsson" <> wrote in message 
> If I read the information correctly on the link to Microsofts Swedish 
> site, you will not be able to download an ISO file if you want a free 
> upgrade.
> I dont't see this as a big problem. I don't think upgrading OS-version is 
> worth the hassel. The reason I will upgrade is only to test and see if 
> Paradox works as expected. I will move to Windows 10 in the same pace as I 
> buy new PC's. Unless I see really big advantages with the new OS, which I 
> don't expect.
> As to VLC, I assume they will upgrade it and make a version available that 
> runs on Windows 10.
> "Tom Krieg"  skrev i meddelandet 
> news:556e3f8e$
> I suspect, as with Windows7, a clean install will be the best option.
> Windows7 allowed a clean install, even when you bought an upgrade. (As
> long as you had a previous version). I hope Windows10 has the same
> ability from the downloaded iso.
> I suspect you're right about DVDs. Movies have always required separate
> software. I use VLC. Microsoft says that media player will be
> uninstalled because it has issues with Windows10.
> On 3/06/2015 5:34 AM, Anders Jonsson wrote:
>> I will surely upgrade a few of my test machines to see what happens with
>> Paradox.
>> Regardnig DVDs - I assume that refers to DVD-movies, not the DVD disks
>> in general??
>> I think it has been that way since Windows 7 (or maybe it was 8).

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