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Subject:Re: What is Corel Paradox License EN Lvl 8 (50000+)
Date:Thu, 30 Jul 2015 09:15:31 -0700
From:"Stephen H. Fischer" <>
OEM stolen ware, of which there is lots out there, I got bit by one of the 
many W7 offerings and lost ~ $125. MSFT said product key was "BLOCKED". 
Going to Microcenter I got a legal OEM version of W7 PRO that after some 
digging found out that it MUST be installed on a clean zeroed Hard Disk. I 
had purchchased lots at their store in Santa Clara until it closed. I never 
saw the store traffic needed to keep it there. MSFT offered a anytime 
upgrade from W7 Home Premium to W7 Pro and I got to the point of clicking 
BUY when MSFT said "NOPE"!

I got Paradox 10 years ago from a clothing surplus store in Florida, cleanly 
someone violated Corel's agreement.

I was hoping that it was a legit deal for "students" that someone could use 
my scanner software I built decades ago.


"Steven Green" <> wrote in message 
> that's one of the corporate license things..
> overall, there is never any reason to "upgrade" past v10, for Paradox 
> itself.. it hasn't changed and won't, ever again.. every Suite version 
> since then is v11, which is v10 with the SPs, and a couple of 
> Suite-specific external SPs
> --
> Steven Green
> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
> Collectibles and Memorabilia
> Vintage Lego Sets and Parts
> - and Paradox support, too
> "Stephen H. Fischer"  wrote in message 
> news:55afe079$
> Hi,
> I discovered this before making  a post elsewhere about Paradox's price.
> Corel Paradox License EN Lvl 8 (50000+)
> Description: "null"
> Specifications :
> Brand Corel
> Product Type Full Version
> -----------------------
> Price: 31.86
> MSRP: $33.10
> You Save: 4%
> I am quite happy with the Paradox 10 I have but usage is very light since
> decades ago.
> I got bit by many of the scams selling Windows 7 due to the free upgrade 
> to
> Window 10. BofA I hope will get my money back.
> ??????

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