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Subject:Re: IDERA and Delphi
Date:Tue, 3 Nov 2015 05:56:00 -0500
From:"Jerry Martin" <>
Hi Jim:

It seems that the developers who used Paradox for Windows have moved on to 
tools other than Delphi, as there does not seem to be any interest here.

I wonder what developments tools have been adopted by those replacing 


"3rdshiftcoder" <> wrote in message 
> Hi-
> I am fooling around with lazarus a little these days.
> It doesn't sound good that a company that had to borrow so much money 
> bought
> delphi. I hope I am proven wrong.
> This is kind of a big deal. Some really big corporations, programs, and 
> products
> rely on this.
> I am currently trying to learn zeos data aware controls with the frespacal
> IDE.
> Is anyone developing with delphi now?
> Have a cool rest of the weekend.
> thx,
> jim 

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