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Subject:Re: IDERA and Delphi
Date:4 Nov 2015 10:55:31 -0500
From:"3rdshiftcoder" <>

"Jerry Martin" <> wrote:
>Hi Jim:
>It seems that the developers who used Paradox for Windows have moved on
>tools other than Delphi, as there does not seem to be any interest here.
>I wonder what developments tools have been adopted by those replacing 

Hi Jerry-

I remember some of the tools people left to use when I visited
One of the expert developers uses realbasic.
and another went on to python. I think maybe some use visual studio type
software from Microsoft. Larry, who runs these forums, can use Java among
other languages and tools.

I thought a lot of people at the dbcommunity might switch to Delphi and dBase,
but I am not sure that it happened.

I don't code for my livelihood. I am just a jack of all trades in an office
in a support role working for the government.

I hope you enjoy the fall season.


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