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Subject:Re: IDERA and Delphi
Date:4 Nov 2015 11:08:10 -0500
From:"3rdshiftcoder" <>

Liz McGuire <> wrote:
>On these forums, there's not much point in asking that question - the 
>folks who have moved on aren't here to answer.  The rest of us are 
>basically old die-hards (literally, they'll be prying the Paradox 
>install CD from our cold dead hands - cuz we'll have died of a "major 
>cardiac event" while trying to install it on 128-bit Windows).

Liz -

That is very funny. 

It is interesting that I went into one of my dysthymic modes and threw all
my old stuff out disappointed thinking things have little value (shortly
after bad news at Corel). Years later, I came to find out that everything
still runs, and if you have old software, that dBase can run all sorts of
stuff, including visual foxpro for dos, paradox for dos, and dbase for dos,
and that paradox still works.

That is okay though. I went on a walk-a-bout and saw different stuff out
there including, Java, Tcl/TK, C++, Python, and FreePascal. I even owned
a copy of dBase before they made that deprecated with their new ADO stuff.
I tried to make Firebird and some Postgres my db replacements.

It is quite a model for the younger kids to see - don't be so quick to throw
old stuff out!

Have a cool fall,

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