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Subject:Re: IDERA and Delphi
Date:6 Nov 2015 18:16:19 -0500
From:"3rdshiftcoder" <>

"Jerry Martin" <> wrote:
>"3rdshiftcoder" <> wrote in message 
>> I thought a lot of people at the dbcommunity might switch to Delphi and

>> dBase,
>> but I am not sure that it happened.
>Hi Jim:
>I had the same expectation, especially since both Delphi and dBase supported

>Paradox format tables. But perhaps the Paradox users wanted to find 
>something that was more mainstream and popular. The companies that sell

>dBase and Delphi  have both changed hands a few times in the past 15 years.

>So I understand Paradox developers not wanting to get stuck with another

>development package that may become abandoned by the yet another software

>P.S. Note that the "Delphi/Object Pascal" programming language(s) was ranked

>#11 in popularity by the Tiobe Programming Community Index for the month
>October of 2015. About a year ago, the headline for the Tiobe Index was

>"Delphi is on it's way out" as "Delphi/Object Pascal" dropped to #18 on
>top 20 list.
Hi Jerry-

The pattern of what they (thdbcommunity) ended up seeming to use may not
be for the most part group decision based. There are a lot of factors involved
for the different tools or a new platform decision.

I don't buy dBase because at work because it is IT that uses that software.
I could use a linux PC at work for the few apps I am in. They used to let
me fool with building custom reports etc., but the cuts were so deep to the
department, and I assumed so much stuff, they said, "You don't have time
for reports anymore". In a way, that suits me fine because there is truth
to it.

Please check out Lazarus/freepascal if you didn't. It is really cool!

Also, the new hibernate book is coming for Java at Amazon. That is really
an amazing framework.

Have a cool weekend,

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