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Subject:Re: IDERA and Delphi
Date:Sat, 7 Nov 2015 01:55:20 -0500
From:"Larry DiGiovanni" <nospam@nospam>
Jerry Martin wrote:

> I wonder what developments tools have been adopted by those replacing 
> Paradox?

Always an interesting topic.  There aren't any mainstream tools like Paradox 
these days, so it's really a question of replacing all the things Paradox is 
with something else.  Paradox is an RDBMS, a data manipulation front-end, a 
development IDE, a programming language, a reporting tool, a GUI workbench 
for windows. an application server (or sorts) and a runtime.

I tend to work with the tools dictated by customer needs, which these days 
is almost exclusively web-development.  Oracle RDBMS, Oracle SQLDeveloper, 
Eclipse (or IBM RAD, which is essentially an expensive Eclipse 
distribution), Java, PL/SQL and Javascript.  I don't have a reporting tool 
per se, and I don't do Windows GUI development.  My apps generally run on 
IBM Websphere or Tomcat.

I think my situation is far from typical in the community here.  My sense is 
that most people who use Paradox every day these days are either business 
owner/operators held hostage (so to speak) because their business relies on 
some Paradox app for a critical business function, or are developers who are 
working for such businesses.  These are the folks who have interesting 
stories to tell.  :-)

Larry DiGiovanni 

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