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Subject:Re: Paradox crashing on terminal server leaves application unrunable
Date:Tue, 6 Dec 2016 14:45:51 +1000
From:Royce Lithgo <>
If a normal install doesn't do the shared thing, then for this 
particular problem shouldn't a normal install be less likely to have the 
issue that i am having because users aren't sharing dlls etc?

I've never fully grasped this change user install thing on terminal 
server, mainly because i've never found a detailed explanation of what 
it actually does.

On 6/12/2016 2:37 PM, Tom Krieg wrote:
> That could, however, be your problem. When you run Paradox on a Terminal
> Server, you are sharing all the exe and dll files between all the TS
> users and the change user/install does the installation with that in
> mind. A normal install doesn't do the "shared" thing. This has nothing
> to do with the NET file or Paraodx shared files. It's a Terminal Server
> thing.
> On 6/12/2016 2:58 PM, Royce Lithgo wrote:
>> Yup paradox 7.
>> If you mean did i switch the server to install mode prior to running the
>> installer, i'm pretty sure I didn't. At that time i was pretty new to
>> RDSH and still finding my way.
>> There is an installer that was built by my predecessor which installs
>> Oracle, Paradox and Crystal runtime all in one hit. I just ran that. I
>> guess i should have done 'change user /install' prior to running it.
>> I am a little reluctant to experiment with it now though.

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