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Subject:Re: Paradox crashing on terminal server leaves application unrunable
Date:Wed, 7 Dec 2016 18:37:39 -0500
From:Jim Moseley <>

Yes, it looks like the relative address is in the _ScreenLogPixelsY 
module, which is probably a bogus result.  This of course assumes that 
the relative address is the same as the 'Fault offset' of 0x0009d3c2.

My guess is that the DLL is getting corrupted by the first user, and 
other TS users are then using the same corrupted DLL from memory.  
Hopefully Tom's suggestions help.

Jim Moseley

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Hi Jim,

You can download the DLL here.

...dll <>

Iím not exactly sure, but the offset address in the event log is right 
near the end of the DLL.

This is what I got:

I donít think it helps much, but perhaps you can find out something more.

Royce Lithgo

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