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Subject:Re: Pdox9
Date:Thu, 6 Dec 2018 09:56:35 +0100
From:"Ivan" <>
Hi Larry,

my problem was, that the p*.lck files wasn't in the priv dir, but somewhere 
in a "special folder".
The search found them somewhere (can't remember exactly):


where I don't expect it. But after I've removed them there, the problem 

The problem, you've mentioned I had sometimes too - but it was allways easy 
to found the lck-files in the own priv-directory.

Thank to you too.


Maybe an another small question:

The BDE uses the registry-entry CONFIGFILE01 for the cfg file.

I've seen there sometimes the file  IDAPI.CFG   and somtimens  IDAPI32.CFG 

Do you know, which-one is used as default during a completely new BDE 
installation (on what depend it)? I.e. which one cfg-file shoud I send with 
the installation routine? One of them, or copy both (the same file with two 
names) during the install to the BDE dir? Then regardless which path is 
registered (IDAPI.CFG or IDAPI32.CFG), there will be allways the same 


"Larry DiGiovanni" <nospam@nospam> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> Ivan wrote:
>> Thanks for any hints
> No hints, but I've recently seen something similarly weird on one Windows 
> 7 machine:
> - User starts Paradox fine.  Does their work.
> - User exits Paradox.  Clean exit - no messages to the contrary anyhow.
> - User starts Paradox again and gets the message about the directory is 
> busy.
> The directory is the PRIV, and what is happening is that the .LCK files 
> are still there sometimes after the exit.
> The files are not being held open by a process - they can immediately be 
> manually deleted.
> --
> Larry DiGiovanni

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