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Subject:PDX 11 Printing Reports GPV
Date:30 Jul 2019 06:20:19 -0400
From:"asgmbh" <>

Hello together,

i hope someone can help us with printing issues under Paradox 11.

If we are trying to print a report directly on a printer (doesnt matter if
real or software printer) then a General Protection Violation Error occurs.

We are using the pdx 11 runtime (we have also the full Version
which comes with WordPerfectSuite 9X).
Our Project was originally developed under Paradox 7.
With the PDX Runtime 8 there are no issues or GPV popups.

Now we switched the working stations to PDX Runtime 11 - and now the error

Things we tried: 
- Printername - it is not too long
- Theres a Hotfix which applies to this Version - but it was originally for
Suite 5X - no changes.
- we saved all the corresponding reports, libraries and forms anew under
Paradox 11

Perhaps someone has any suggestions?


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