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Subject:Re: Paradox Convention
Date:31 Dec 2018 03:03:32 -0400
From:"Mike Schenker" <>

"Thies Grimm" <> wrote:
>Long time ago we had some paradox conventions in Frankfurt, Paris, Netherlands
>Who is interested in a meeting/convention of paradox programmers?
>I could organize a meeting/convention in Hamburg, if there are some folks
>out there interested in a meeting/convention.
>Please answer right here in the newsgroup.

Hi Thies,
unbelieveable, really unbelieveable.
I did not use Paradox for decades, okay maybe for serveral years but it feels
like decades ;-)  , and yesterday I had to update a small application in

Let me try to remember when I visited the Paradox Convention and I think
know you even in person.

As I am not an active paradox nerd anymore I would visit a convention for
the purpose to meet people and learn in which fields Paradox is still in

Hamburg is worth to visit even without Convention but it would be a another
good reason to travel there.

Enjoy New Years Eve

Mike Schenker

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