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Subject:Re: Windows 11
Date:Thu, 7 Oct 2021 17:54:10 +0200
From:Bengt Ahling <>
first test with P9Dev and P9Run OK
ever the same Problem with win32Help, the old resolution of Komeil 
helps in Win11 too.

Our Runtime-Setup with BDE is OK too,
some PC's don't be upgradeble, (i don't like UEFI)

but the important message:

Win11 is NOT the end of Paradox and OPAL!

Günter (Berlin)

Den 2021-10-06 kl. 12:30, skrev Bengt Ahling:
> Hej Anders
> Vet du om paradox och Windows 11 fungerar ihop?
> Många hälsningar
> Bengt

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