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Subject:Re: PDOXUSRS.NET problem -- Paradox 4.5 in dosemu - Ubuntu
Date:9 Nov 2007 13:40:03 -0500
From:"Bill Heintzelman" <>

"Steven Green" <> wrote:
>> I ran NUPDATE and instead of entering 9=none for network type, I entered

>> 8=other and then entered my main Paradox directory as the directory for

>> the network control file.
>technically, non-destructive.. but very annoying to find a net file in with

>the data, if you make copies, backups, etc.. you'll immediately bomb out

>every time you try to use the data anyplace other than in the original 
>location, unless you delete that net file and any related lock files..
By "my main Paradox directory", I meant E:\PDOX45, where I have the program
installed, not a directory in which I store tables, etc.
>>  But I don't know where the program is getting an initialization input

>> that indicates it is being used on a network (when it isn't).
>PdoxDOS assumes A thru D are local, E and above are shared.. but even when

>running completely local, you should define a net file, etc., beause it

>keeps the engine from playing loosey-goosey with memory.. same thing as

>telling the BDE that Local Share is TRUE on a stand-alone machine..
Is is possible to change the setup so that Paradox also assumes E: to be

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