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Subject:Re: Paradox Runtime 11 Run in Ubunto 7 Excelent
Date:Wed, 02 Jan 2008 11:13:05 -0600
From:Mark Bannister <>
Manuel Roberto Muņoz wrote:
> I have installed my application with Paradox Runtime 11 with Linux 
> Ubunto 7 and has run perfectly. Several tests have become and until the 
> moment I have not had greater problem. Any consult we are quick to solve 
> it.
Just installed Ubuntu over the holidays: I'm building a home media 
server.  I'll install wine and look at pdox shortly and report in.

NB - Linux folks are completely insane if they think Linux is any easier 
or better than Windows.  I don't know how many threads I read in support 
groups that ended with the phrase "..maybe you need to reinstall Linux."

Perhaps when you get it running it is more stable but I find it quite 
easy to crash, and just last night my CD and DVD drives stopped working. 
  Not a good thing for a media server.

Mark B

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