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Subject:Re: Installing Wordperfect 2000 in wine
Date:Mon, 07 Jan 2008 18:28:42 -0600
From:mark bannister <>
mark bannister wrote:
> OK, I found an old Paradox 9 disk and got it to install just fine. 
> Haven't tested much but I was wondering if anyone remembers where the 
> service packs are for it?   I found the corel ftp site but the service 
> packs there for pdox 9 seem to refer to runtime.  Anyone remember?
> Mark B.
OK I found wp9sp3.exe at

This all seems vaguely familiar......hmmm....seems to be 
working......i'll install my app tomorrow and see how it goes.

This could be good.  I've been wanting to set up several workstations on 
the shop floor but didn't really want to shell out the $ for XP or for 
updating computers to run it.

Running on Ubuntu and wine with Pdox 9 will be quite economical.  I'll 
have to get with Steve and get legal copies of 9 though.....

Mark B.

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