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Subject:Wine Paradox 9
Date:Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:06:13 -0600
From:Mark Bannister <>
Ubuntu Linux
Wine 0.9.52
Paradox 9 stand alone
BDE 5.2

Installed paradox without too many issues
Updated the BDE to 5.2

Network drive is mounted using fstab mounted at /media/manager
In wine it is E:\

I am having two issues.
Sometimes when I launch pdox I don't seem to have write permission to 
the network lock directory, e:\pdoxlocks.  Opening the share on the 
Gnome desktop seems to fix this.  This one I'll get with the Linux folks 

Second, once open and running I can't open tables.  I get the message 
"Unknown internal operating system error."   These seems to point to a 
BDE error but I'm not quite sure where to start.    Would I get this 
error if the path to the network lock files wasn't exactly the same as 
other workstations?

Mark B

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