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Subject:Re: How-to?
Date:24 Mar 2008 01:02:12 -0500
From:Kenneth Porter <>
Sundial Services <> wrote in 

> I like Paradox too, Kenneth, but to use Paradox in this way in this
> situation is pretty much nonsensical.  Put the data onto a SQL
> server-type database that PHP can talk to easily, and that Paradox (or
> whatever tool) can also talk to easily.  Don't pursue a Rube Goldberg
> approach. 

Yeah, gonna try that first. I've got it migrated to PostgreSQL but I've had 
to change some field names, so I'm going to have to dig through all the 
Paradox forms to adjust them to match.

(I tolerate Paradox. I much prefer PHP and Perl. I need a live product and 
I like having source so I can dig down to the bottom of bugs when I'm not 
willing to wait for the vendor to do so.)

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