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Subject:Re: Win 10 Update
Date:Thu, 24 Aug 2017 20:25:57 -0400
From:"Steven Green" <>
> If you are using Win Pro then you can defer the Creators update for 180 
> days by doing the following.

way beyond the capabilities of most clients, of course.. I've already seen 
far too many people trapped on the wrong side of this


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"Roger Phil"  wrote in message news:599f62e8$

If you are using Win Pro then you can defer the Creators update for 180
days by doing the following.
Right Click Start, select Run and Type "Gpedit.msc"
Under Local Computer Configuration, Computer Configuration,
select "Administrative Templates" and then open "Windows Components"
Open "Windows Update" (near bottom of list)and select "Defer Windows
Updates". In the sub menu open "Select when feature updates are received"
Click "Enabled"
In the drop-down labled "Current Branch" change to "Current Branch for
You can then select up to 180 days to defer.

MS will get you eventually though !

Also and his will work only when Creators is ready to install.
When you get the message that Windows has a new update with new features
and it may take a while to install -- DON'T Restart..
From Microsoft, download "wushowhide.diagcab" and run.
Important - before you do anything click on Advanced and remove the tick
for Automatically apply fix.
Click Next and wait whilst it searches for updates.
Click on "Hide Updates", find Creators update and tick the box.
Click on Next to finish.]
This will hide the update and never bother you with it again - we hope.

It will stop the update from installing  & you can switch off or
re-start without worrying.

I might also add never try to unistall or use sytem restore to remove
Creators update other wise you will end up having nighmares.
ALWAYS use rollback under Updates & Security in Windows 10 setting, it
works quite painlessly.
Once rolled back use wushowhide as above.

Hope this is clear & helps it's worked for all my clients who've had
this issue & you will still get security & other important updates.


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