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Subject:Re:Recognise Paradox 9 Runtime
Date:Sun, 10 Sep 2017 14:48:58 +0200 (GMT+02:00)
From:thies <>
Sysinfo give you the Edition Standard or Runtime.
Version() the version 


John Wright <> Wrote in message:
> At one time I had in my 'library' of Paradox Scripts the method of 
> recognising if Paradox was running on Paradox 9 or Paradox 9 Runtime (As 
> opposed to version 8 for example) but I now cannot find it. I am running 
> a script in Paradox 9 Full Developers but I want to be able to check 'on 
> the fly' if that script is running for Paradox 9 Runtime because the 
> Paths I am using for the latter are different.
> I'm pretty sure that what I had previously, provided the opportunity to 
> Capture that information in a Variable so that the correct part of the 
> script was used in that operation.
> I have checked through some of my Paradox programmes but cannot find 
> where I have used it previously. Finding it that way is pretty time 
> consuming and I am wondering if anyone can provide a sample script.
> I have found one of Tony McGuire's entries by doing a search through 
> this facility and found:
> "stVersion=substr(version(),1,search(version(),".")-1)"
> but is this sufficient I wonder?
> Any offers on this would be appreciated.

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