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Subject:Query Delete, file size before and after deleting majority of records
Date:15 Sep 2017 23:40:00 -0400
From:"bob shin" <>


I am using following query delete function to delete and to reduce file size
but the file size in window is the same.  

ex  before query delete
number of rec = 669035 
file size 487186 kb
index size 1654 kb

after deleting 99% of the records the file size is

number of rec = 150
file size 487186 kb
index size 1654

Records were delete but the system file size does not change.

I have refreshed and reopen the folder to verify but still the same.  Also
when I run a query the table it take as long, when the records size was 669035.

Any idea?

qbe = query

:workretail:ginv#  | date |
		delete		|<~date1|


bob shin

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