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Subject:Re: "Proper" way to "move" report up/down/left/right
Date:Tue, 3 Oct 2017 08:21:38 +0200
From:"Anders Jonsson" <>
I have no answer to your question but as I'm about to start a project with 
QR-codes I'm curious.

Why is a "few millimeters off" a problem? Isn't it possible to make a layout 
that would give some margin for error? I would never trust a printer to 
print on exactly the same position every time.


"modridirkac"  skrev i meddelandet 

I have to print some QR codes on preprinted forms.
So text (and picture) has to be positioned exactly.

I can position fields on report on correct positions, I can print report
on prerpinted forms OK (on MY printer).

But if I print to different printer, usually text and graphic is
a few milimmeters off, because each printer pulls
paper differently.

Is there a way to programaticly move objects on report
few milimeters up/down, left/right?
Some setting in INI file, that I would read before print and
"do something" to report?

Like smo invisible field, that would grow depending to my setings?

Thx Jure 

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