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Subject:Re: "Proper" way to "move" report up/down/left/right
Date:Tue, 3 Oct 2017 12:41:04 +0200
From:"modridirkac" <>
I am printing QR codes on payment orders

Iz has to be printed inside marked area, matgin of error is 2mm on any side.

How do you create QR codes?


"Anders Jonsson"  je napisal v sporočilo 
news:59d32d4b$ ...

I have no answer to your question but as I'm about to start a project with
QR-codes I'm curious.

Why is a "few millimeters off" a problem? Isn't it possible to make a layout
that would give some margin for error? I would never trust a printer to
print on exactly the same position every time.


"modridirkac"  skrev i meddelandet

I have to print some QR codes on preprinted forms.
So text (and picture) has to be positioned exactly.

I can position fields on report on correct positions, I can print report
on prerpinted forms OK (on MY printer).

But if I print to different printer, usually text and graphic is
a few milimmeters off, because each printer pulls
paper differently.

Is there a way to programaticly move objects on report
few milimeters up/down, left/right?
Some setting in INI file, that I would read before print and
"do something" to report?

Like smo invisible field, that would grow depending to my setings?

Thx Jure 

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